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Blog Relaunch Coming Soon!

The Anna Kerns Photography Blog is currently being updated! If you’d like to see full day weddings and engagementView entire post »

Beauty fades, Love lasts

I have the unique privilege of being a part of a couple’s story at the beginning. It may not seem like theView entire post »

Lessons Learned in the Sixth Year

Have you ever taken a minute from a busy day to slowly sip a cup of tea, or taken an hour from a busy week to treatView entire post »

2013 – A Beautiful Year

This year, I was blessed to celebrate and capture the weddings of 19 amazing couples! It was such an honor to be a partView entire post »

Taking a Moment

Oh, what a joy it is to have a few blank days on my calendar! Wedding season is wrapping up, just in time to enjoy thisView entire post »

Amazing April

Hello lovelies and lads! April has been super busy with about three portrait shoots each week! As Christopher MorelyView entire post »

The Katelyn James Workshop Experience

When I think of the wedding photographers who inspire me the most, they not only have gorgeous images, they haveView entire post »

Fabulous February

The thing about attempting to blog frequently is that it makes me increasingly aware of how quickly time goes by. ItView entire post »

DIY Gift For Your Love – Valentine’s Day Countdown Notes

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds and lovelies! This is an exciting week because I’m kicking off two newView entire post »

Hey there, Valentine!

It’s Valentine’s Week and love is in the air! This is the first time I’m going to celebrateView entire post »

Winter Features

I already mentioned on Facebook the exciting news about these features, but I wanted to explain how much they mean toView entire post »

Birthday Girl

Put another candle on my cake because today I’m 26! I know I’m getting older because I can’t rememberView entire post »

Justin and Mary’s What’s Next Tour

Winter is a time of restoration for a wedding photographer. Even though I’m still busy with portraits andView entire post »

Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Since I’m starting to blog for the first time, I realized that people I haven’t met will start readingView entire post »

Sweethearts in Silly Sombreros

It’s hard to believe that I got married exactly two months ago! It was the best day of my life! All the planningView entire post »

“All those happy days up in Frederick” – Notes from 1925

Every time I hangout with my Grandma Nancy, she teaches me something new. She’s brilliant. And she has the bestView entire post »